50 CRAZY, or rather "SILLY",  QUESTIONS:

Answers in square brackets written  sdrawkcab

Some of these questions had to be answered in the INTELLIGENCE TEST of  Funsense & Razzamatazz
see:  "Programme" # VII

1) What pet makes the loudest noise? -  [.tepmurt ehT]         >see: photo
2) What do you get if you cross a hamburger with a Scotsman?  -  [.caM gib A]
3) What do you get if you cross a centipede with a parrot? -  [.eiklat-eiklaw A]  
4) What is the river Nile called at its source? -  [.elinevuj ehT]  
5) How do you communicate with a fish? -  [.enil a mih pord ouY]  
6) What makes the Tower of Pisa lean? -  [.hcum tea t’nseod tI]  
7) What does Luke Skywalker shave with? – [.edalb resal A]
8) Do robots have brothers? -  [.sretsisnart ylno, oN]
9) What do sea monsters eat? -  [.spihs dna hsiF]  

10) What do you get if you cross a car with a book?   [.yhpargoibotua nA]
11) What's a cross between an ambassador and a rug called?  [.tamolpid A]
12) What's green and makes a lot of noise?  [.nrohgorf A]
13) What sits on the sea bed and shakes?  [.kcerw suovren A]
14) What do twins speak in Holland?  [.hctuD elbuoD]
15) What do you get if you cross a crocodile with a camera?  [.tohs pans A]
16) What goes zzub-zzub?  [.sdrawkcab gniylf eeb A]

17) What do you call a German footballer who scores three goals? [.cirtaireg A]

18) What makes a tree noisy?  [.krab stI]
19) How does an octopus go into battle?  [.demra-ylluF]
20) What's a bull called when he's asleep?  [.rezodllub A]
21) What did Baby Corn say to Mother Corn?  ["?nroC poP si erehW"]
22) Why is Sunday the strongest day?  [.syadkeew era syad rehto llA]
Do you know a word that starts with e and has only one letter in it?  [.epolevne nA]

24) What is the hardest part of learning to skate?  [.eci ehT]
25) What is black and white and has 16 wheels?  [.setaks rellor no arbez A]
26) What is a ten-letter word that starts with gas?  [.elibomotua nA]
27) Why do cows wear bells?  [.krow t'nod snroh rieht esuaceB]
28) What do gorillas sing at Christmas? [...slleb elgnuj, slleb elgnuJ]  
      just click here for plenty more CHRISTMAS GOODIES
29) What's the biggest moth of all?  [.htommam ehT]  
30) What do prisoners use to call each other? [.senohp lleC]      geddit?  joke of the week: #93
31) If a crocodile makes shoes, what does a banana make? [.sreppilS]
32) What's brown, smelly and sounds like a bell? [.gnuD]
33) What kind of lion is perfectly harmless? [.noilednad A]
34) What's orange and sounds like a parrot? [.torrac A]
35) What do you call a man under a car? [.kcaJ]
36) What do you call a man with no legs? [.lieN]  rather sick!

37) What do you call a man who is deeply in debt? [.newO]

38) What do you call a man buried in a garden. [.eteP]        geddit? joke of the week:  #455
39) What do you call a man with a rabbit on his head? [.nerraW]   geddit? 
      Warren (name)
versus :
40) How do very small people communicate with each other? [.senohporcim htiW]
41) What did the daddy buffalo say to his son when he left home? [.nosiB]     joke of the week: #238

) What is the smallest ant in the world? -  [.tnafni ehT]  

43) What ants are the biggest? [.stnahpelE]

44) What ants are bigger than elephants? [.stnaiG]
45) What do you call a flying elephant? [.tej obmuj A]
45) What do you call a 100-year-old ant? [.euqitna nA]
46) What bird is always out of breath? [.niffup A]
47) What did the fish say when he swam into a concrete wall? [!maD]
48) What do you get if you cross an elephant with a fish? [.sknurt gnimmiwS]
49) What cheese is made backwards? [.madE]
What did Noah use to see in the dark?  [.sthgildoolF]

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